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  • Windows Attach the file %APPDATA%\Cyberduck\mountainduck.log.
  • Mac
  • Open, filter for Mountain Duck in the upper right search field with system.log selected in the left pane. Then choose File → Save Copy As… to save the log file and attach it here.

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User Documentation

Please consult the reference for installation and further usage documentation.

Cyberduck Wiki

Registration Key Recovery

The registration key is sent to you by email automatically after the transaction has been completed. To recover a lost registration key, enter your email address below to look it up.

Open the received registration key with Mountain Duck by double clicking. Make sure the filename of the registration key attached ends with .mountainducklicense.



Requires OS X 10.8 or later. Move the unzipped application bundle Mountain from the Downloads to the /Applications folder on your harddisk. No admin privileges for installation is required.

Mac App Store

Mountain Duck is installed through the Mac App Store in /Applications. You can always reinstall Mountain Duck on any Mac you own from the Mac App Store in  → App Store… → Purchased.

Login Item

You can choose to open Mountain Duck when you login to your computer. Note that the application will not appear in Login Items of the User & Groups system preference pane. The login item is removed, when you quit the application using Quit Mountain Duck.

Login Item

Finder Extension

Requires OS X 10.11 or later.

Enable the Mountain Duck Finder Extension in System Preferences → Extensions → Finder by selecting the checkbox. This will enable context menu items for files selected on a mounted volume with options to Reload the folder listing and copy & open URLs of files.

Finder Extension

Requires Windows 7 or later. Run the Mountain Duck Installer.exe with administrator privilege to install Mountain Duck. Download MSI Installer for corporate environments. Requires prior installation of ​Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2.

Windows Installer

Windows File Explorer Extension

Restart Windows File Explorer or restart your computer after installation. Right click files on a mounted drive will open a menu with items to copy & open URLs of files.


Mountain Duck is licensed on a per-seat basis. You have to buy a license for everyone who wants to use the software. One license can be used on any number of computers as long as it is the same user accessing the software.
Yes, the same registration key file can be used on both platforms.
Yes, but you cannot share it with your co-workers.
Yes, you may install Mountain Duck on multiple computers as long as it's exclusively used by yourself.
You need a multi-user license for the number of employees using Mountain Duck.

Yes, we offer a 30% discount for college/university students, staff and faculty at all grade levels. Use your academic email address and drop us a line at to get your discount coupon.

Please note that for academic labs with non-personal computers a per device licensing model applies.

You need a license for each user who needs access to Mountain Duck through Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) e.g. on Windows Server 2008 R2.
You purchase multiple licenses contained in a single registration key to be installed on multiple computers. Double click the registration key file to register your license. In case you make use of a software management system on Windows to deploy Mountain Duck you might add a post-deploy action to add the license key to the installation copying alongside the application.
The key is valid for one specific major version. For future major versions you'll get an upgrade discount. Expect major versions to be released conservatively.
You can request a registration key to use Mountain Duck on Windows when you have purchased Mountain Duck from the Mac App Store. Please attach the payment receipt from Apple.
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